Life Slide was developed after the recognition of the amount of persons that perish in home fires each year. An innovative and potentially life saving new product designed for those who live in multiple story structures.

Not only will this device assist in the evacuation of occupants in multi story dwellings they can also be implemented for use in commercial and educational environments.

Our Thoughts

With the entrenchment of smoke alarms throughout US, as well as the ever growing "residential" sprinkler systems that are becoming more and more mandatory in housing developments around the nation. With Life-Slide, it would complete the "triangle" of Home Fire Safety.


Our Product

Life-Slide is a life saving device intended to provide an escape route for those trapped in a house fire. The product is intended to serve as a much more effective method of combating the effects and dangers of a fire than other products, such as fire extinguishers, by providing its users with a direct and safe escape route.

Life-Slide has two wheels to aid in moving it easily and will be storable in a closet if not in use. It can also integrate with the furniture in any room if the user chooses to keep it visible and readily available.

About us

Life-Slide, has been developed by Mary Katherine Bambrick and David Bambrick of Cambridge, Maryland. The invention's unique design provides its users with an effective and efficient method of safely escaping a house fire from a floor above the first one.

Life-Slide can also be implemented as an alternative evacuation system for educational and business use.


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